shanynShanyn Silinski came to bat for the 24-Hour Bully Stake-Out, with blogs full of creative lift for bullied kids and those who love them. Here’s what was tweeted:

  1. You can choose to be gentle with yourself and let yourself heal. But that means actually acknowledging the wounding!
  2. When someone you know is charming, caring and fun suddenly is quiet and invisible, find out what is going on.
  3. “Don’t take this personally?” When it’s said TO me, ABOUT me, and you expect me to ANSWER, how can I not?
  4. Why aren’t we searching for the next child to save? Why aren’t we doing more than lighting porch lights?
  5. Instead of building gallows, shouldn’t we be protecting, sheltering, loving and saving?
  6. We have to face the good with the bad. We can’t enjoy have good memories without risking bad ones destroying the party…
  7. We don’t need permission for laughter. Or for joy. Or to have cereal for supper. Or to enjoy silly songs.
  8. No-one should take our joy and we should not take theirs. Joy lifts our spirits, and blows the cobwebs away.
  9. Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. – Elie Wiesel

  10. Neutrality is a false safe place, a BIG LIE which removes anything that looks like responsibility.

Cool stuff, right? Read more of Shanyn’s work at and

The greatest part of the 24-Hour Bully Stake Out is meeting people who share a love of bullied kids, and who are willing to share their tips for bringing bullying under control. 🙂