The 24-Hour Bully Stake-Out

kids-bullied…is a means for everyone working on the problem of bullying to share knowledge, encouragement and entertainment, and to discover new tools to carry on the cause!

Of course, bullying has been a problem in North America for generations. In recent years, it’s become epidemic, in two ways:

  • bullying has become worse
  • the public is becoming more and more frustrated and angry about it

We don’t really have to talk about that in great detail. We’ve all read about it, and would know this in our hearts without doing the reading. In the center of the epidemic are three groups of people:

  • the school communities, educators and students, victimized on the inside, pressured on the outside, and having no solutions
  • the communities at large, parents, neighbors, businesses and politicians, demanding that “someone do something”
  • the gifted people working to help bullied kids, often forced to work on their own with insufficient tools to make the kind of difference they dream of making

Because it’s an epidemic, we don’t need “awareness” any more. We don’t need to be told that bullying is prevalent and a problem. Anyone who doesn’t see this is not thinking clearly, and on that sort of person we can’t waste precious time.

There is an awareness that we need: we need to know what’s being done. We need to know who’s doing it, where they’re doing it, what kind of success they’re having, how we can reach them, and how we can do what they do. And those with tools and services need to locate potential customers and help them as well.

In short, we need to network. And this is why the 24-Hour Bully Stake-Out was created: to network.

We have the Facebook Page: – this is the online headquarters for the network. It will have 1000 fans in October, many of whom are either active workers or concerned educators or parents. It’s been active for over two years.

And twice a year, using that Page as a base of operations, we networkers take over the Internet, sharing widely and in quantity what we know, what we’re learning and what’s going on. And we have adopted artists as well: musicians and artisans of other sorts who have messages of their own to encourage bullied students and their parents and friends. This year, the 24-Hour Bully Stake-Out goes off its Page and goes live all over the Internet once again, from noon Saturday 10.19 to noon Sunday 10.20. We will share using hashtags #bullying and #24HBSO to help spread the word.

Here’s what we are looking for in particular:

  • artists looking to spread a positive message through this network – via a music video, photos, Web site, etc.
  • writers looking to share original content that can be displayed on multiple Web sites
  • concerned parents and cause advocates willing to share and share and share for this period!

We want to help you too. Will you join us?