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by Dr. Ron Graham This is a map of my hometown. It’s sufficiently zoomed out that you won’t know what that town is unless you’ve been there, or you know me personally. Let me call your attention to special features of this map: Three of the orange circles indicate the area of schools I attended. […]

No Such Thing as a Bully has offerings for educators, school systems and parents. But you may not know that we also offer immersions for churches. It’s important that churches go to bat for those in their communities who’ve been bullied. – Ron Graham 🙂 Luke 10:30-37 Jesus answered, A certain man was going down […]

by Ron Graham When I met up with Gregory Iron at the Great Northern Mall on this particular evening, I started right off with the hard question: Isn’t pro wrestling really a form of bullying, where the audience buys a ticket?

Dear Parent: The day you have your baby, you have more emotions than you ever thought you could have. You lovingly wrap, feed and change your precious bundle. As your child grows, you spend time wondering, worrying and childproofing. You protect. You’d give up your life to protect that precious child. You don’t want your […]

We are very excited to introduce the Ebook “No Such Thing as a Bully – Shred the Label, Save a Child” to you! We know that parents would do more for their children with regard to the bullying issue. They would teach them not to bully…if they only knew how. They would teach them to […]

Cyberbullying is using modern communication techniques to instill terror, spread rumours, or hijack. These are deliberate actions that are intended to provide “amusement” to one or more people, while putting on person in a terror state. It may be as simple as repeated, unwanted texts or emails, or as complex as the creation and publication […]

Proposals are being requested from a variety of schools and communities for Bullying Prevention Community Immersion! For more information about what that involves, please click the Community Immersion and Grants link. The intention is to move the perception of this issue from a “school problem” to a “community solution”. Think your community needs this? Get […]

I just moved to a very small community. There are about 25 houses in Monitor, AB – and although nearby Consort is much bigger, I’d bet it isn’t what some of my online friends – and even some offline friends, are used to. “Where is that?”, “Why would you want to go there?” and What’s […]

There are so many influences in our lives shaping us positively and negatively, through all stages of our lives. Think about the people you choose to surround yourself with along the journey. How they look and dress doesn’t matter. Whether or not they think your feelings are important, does matter. Each of us is important […]