The most effective way to bring Kelly or Ron to your community is to seek grants to do a community immersion week in bullying prevention. A community immersion is intended to not only involve schools in learning the principles that combat bullying, but is also meant to engage all helping agencies in a community. The No Such Thing as A bully program, and it’s principles can be helpful for counsellors, children’s groups, shelters for women and children, and any other helping agency/person that is intended to provide skills that will help a child cope with and eliminate violence. The immersion is intended to unify helping agencies, schools, and parents in providing solid solutions to the elimination of violence and bullying.

An immersion will involve:

1) Attending to as many schools as possible in that week. Schools will prepare for the visit by:

a)Spending time deciding on long term bully prevention plans that they will put into effect

b)Introducing some of the ideas in No Such Thing as a Bully to their students.

c)Opening a dialogue with the students about the problems that exist both inside and outside the school, with regard to bullying issues.

2) Setting up evening sessions for teachers in the community to actively provide solutions that can assist them in their role in managing bullying in the school

3) Setting up evening sessions for professionals in other helping groups to provide solutions that can facilitate community and professional interventions into bullying situations

4) An evening with the lawmakers of the community, discussing options for implementation of municipal laws, and the use of federal/provincial laws in managing bullying issues.

Putting together a group of interested people is a positive step in bringing an immersion program to your community. Ask mental health agencies, boys and girls clubs, girl guides, scouts, community groups, schools, and other non-profit agencies if they are interested in working on bringing the program to the community.

Finding and applying for grants is less intimidating than you might think, once you get on to it!

First, the finding:

Scour the internet for grants, they are out there! Use search terms such as:

Grants Alberta
Grants Bullying
Grants Alberta Bullying
Grants, Alberta, children

There is an especially great site out there for the United States, Gopher Grants that lets you search for grants available for your state. Pay them and they’ll even do the searching for you!

Applying for grants:

Use positive terms and positive phrasing

Ask Ron and Kelly for help! We will provide copy that explains the immersion program based on the needs of the grant. We want to work with you on this!