The Founders of The No Such Thing as a Bully (NSTAAB) system for educators, students and parents, Kelly Karius and Ron Graham are available to come to your community and kick off the use of the system! The NSTAAB system instills the following skills:

  • How to recognize bully actions and victim responses
  • How to replace both bully actions and victim responses with assertive, constructive communication
  • How to prevent disagreements and conflicts from escalating
  • How to prevent the community from “getting even” with those playing the roles of bully and victim
  • How to transform conflicts into win-win situations
  • Any other necessary, relevant skills that children can use later in life

This is all made possible by the unique approach of separating people from their actions:

  • Everyone has the potential to engage in bullying behavior
  • Everyone has the potential to use victim responses
  • One set of skills solves both extremes of behavior.



Kelly Karius

Kelly Karius, an expert in conflict dynamics, intervention, management and resolution, has a wealth of knowledge and experience ready to tap. Kelly helps people build positive relationships, both at home and at work. An accomplished keynote speaker and trainer, Kelly delivers seminars that are informative, comfortable, engaging and motivating. Her “Taking Control” Conflict Management Seminar has even been called “life-changing.”

Kelly Karius is the author of This is Out of Control! A Practical Guide to Managing Life’s Conflicts, a versatile and practical guide for people from all walks of life. Reading it once will help improve your communication with friends and co-workers, and improve your relationships; using it in-depth, and following suggested activities inside, may change your life completely! It’s also an ideal resource for therapists and life-skills coaches seeking to enhance their conflict-management abilities.

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