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You are a backbone of the community and you offer help to so many people. You well know the look on a parents face when the lightbulbs go on and they begin to see the things they need to do to truly help their family. You know the peace in a child’s face when their parents starts to get it. You know the joy that happens when someone takes one of your ideas and finds personal growth…finds their own peace. You know the ideas you present need to make sense to your clients, and they need to create new cycles.

2016-05-05-13-44-28 Ron Graham in Thunder Bay teaching Certification at a Nishnawbe Aski Nation Organization.

But there are so many methods and structures of helping. CBT, Solution focused, inner child healing…

and then there is bullying. you wonder if you’re saying the right thing. What the point in telling a young client to tell a teacher when you don’t think the teacher’s really going to do anything? How can you teach a child to let harsh words and acts roll off their backs and not lodge in their psyches. How do i help them to keep from lashing out? Protect them from cyber-bullying? It seems impossible, and yet you know it’s necessary.

No Such Thing as a Bully can help. We change the way people think about bullying and provide tools for people to use at home. We teach YOU how to teach this to others.

No Such Thing as a Bully Certification Training