by Dr. Ron Graham

Most of these people oppose bullying. Few of them know what to do about it. Even fewer do anything.

Nameless thousands of people who oppose bullying are not educators. They may have grown children, and may not know anyone attending a primary or secondary school. They may not have law-enforcement officers or lawmakers as friends. So they may think they cannot make a direct impact on the North American bullying epidemic.

My mission here is to find small ways that EVERYONE can help. And I mean other than the obvious suggestions:

I believe there are things everyone can do. In any walk of life. Whether bullying is currently affecting them personally or not. I can think of a couple ways, including occasionally watching school bus stops (just make sure the school knows you’re doing it, as a volunteer, so nobody thinks you’re a pedophile). But many minds are better than just one.

Give me your idea. And give me permission to edit it and include it in an e-book compilation, in which your name will be mentioned (if you want it to be).

I’d like to have at least a hundred ideas by Christmas – it’d be your holiday gift for friends who don’t know what they can do to help. So have a joyous holiday season, and start brainstorming!