At No Such Thing as a Bully, we believe that all adults and children use both bully actions and victim responses. One set of skills solves both.  We take away the labels of “bully” and “victim” and provide a new framework for dealing with this issue.

This framework enhances accountability, puts tools in the hands of parents and creates systemic policies for managing bullying issues in schools.

parents   Are you a PARENT whose child’s school isn’t doing anything about bullying? IT DOESN’T MATTER! Surprised? The thing is, it doesn’t matter what they are doing – there is still something YOU can do for your own child! Explore more here!

cutknife-community-sign     Are you a SCHOOL that says “We would do more…if only we knew what to do, and if only our parents would cooperate!” THE SOLUTION EXISTS! Even if you have the most uncooperative parents in the world, there are still amazing things you can do to systematize and clarify how you deal with bullying in your school! Explore more here!

certified-facilitators   Are you a COUNSELLOR or a part of a helping agency that says “People come to me about bullying, but I’m just a cog in the system. I have no effect on the actual school, and sometimes not even the parents.” THERE ARE SOLID ANSWERS HERE! We will certify you in teaching No Such Thing as a Bully, and you will even be able to use the system to increase your private practice income, if you choose! Explore more here!

   At No Such Thing as a Bully, we believe that using trauma as a base to teach about bullying can create more trauma. We get what we focus on. No Such Thing as a Bully chooses to enhance a kindness focus in families and schools with Action Cards from The Moment of Kindness Foundation.  You can get cards for your community or school by emailing This is Random acts of kindness meets technology! You won’t want to miss it!!

individual-with-pledge   Just interested? Want to keep up with what we’re doing and get involved in the ways you think you can? Sign up for our NEWSLETTER here! Information, great deals, news from the bullying world, and ideas to make you strong. Strong people can avoid bullying situations!

   Here you will find everything else that you could be looking for. The TEAM, Other products, NSTAAB history, Partners, MEDIA INFO, FAQ’s. If you can’t find something…email or call! or 403-447-4404

Here’s just one reason to move away from using the labels –