To provide education about bullying issues to 300 student groups across Canada.
To gather and profile information about resources that are working.
To promote a message of self-evaluation and individual responsibility.

The Bully Outreach Project will ultimately use a decorated motorhome to display sponsorship and bully resources, such as Kids Help Phone or other interested and helpful parties. Media will be utilized along the trip to promote appearances, gather information and direct people to the website for resources, support, or to tell their story. Interactive learning presentations from the perspective of self evaluation, personal responsibility and focus on behaviors will be given to student groups, teachers, parents and university groups.

In the meantime, we are working with communities to access grants and provide an immersion in their community, or sub-community. For more information about accessing this service right NOW, check out the Immersion/Grants Page

Kelly Karius
Kelly Karius is a social worker from Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada. She has been in private practice for ten years with a focus on Conflict Management and Relationships.  Some of her earliest work involved bullying situations and the issue simmered as she went on to do more work with divorce conflict and workplace conflict. Bullying issues, stayed close to her heart, however, and she recently published a program with Ron Graham called “No Such Thing as a Bully”. The program includes lesson plans for teachers, and handouts for students. It provides a new and different definition for bullying, and eliminates all use of bully and victim as a label.

Developing the program got Karius thinking. There are a lot of good programs out there. A lot of success stories, and also a lot of failures. We need a consistent understanding of what is working and what to avoid. We need methods of measuring success and failure and consistent ability to determine and define what bullying is. We need techniques that administration can use with confidence and explain to both parents and students.

The way to gather that information, is right from the horses mouth. Kelly’s dream has become to use the trip to gather publicity for the bigger mission -gathering material that can be used to evaluate and strengthen the systems that are helping our kids be the best they can be.