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In 11 hours we begin the Fifth Annual Bully Stakeout – and it puts me in mind of much of the past. For one thing, I can hardly believe that we’ve been on this journey five times!

We’ve met so many amazing people over the years, and we’ll be sharing them again with you here this year, and you’ll be meeting some of our new friends as ¬†well!

We want you to get SO involved. Share links…discuss them…if you have a resource of your own, please share it!

The official 24 Hour bully Stakeout page is found here, http://facebook.com/bully.stakeout

Click like, and you’ll get a link every ten minutes or more…again, share, share, share!! And talk!

We’re also tweeting with the hashtag #24HBSO and #bullying!

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The Bully Outreach Project is dedicated to reaching out to people who are experiencing bullying. And the opposite of bullying is KINDNESS! Bullying stories abound in our society today. Bullying statistics show that children receive help only about 15% of the time when they ask for help. Suicide squads are on high alert, and we being to feel that suicide is the natural outcome of bullying.


We need to begin providing a different kind of help.

The opposite of bullying is kindness. We want to talk about kindness, and promote it. We want to create kindness in action! So many people are interested in doing Random Acts of Kindness, and we choose to create a way to track kindnesses.

Imagine being handed a card. On it it says “momentofkindness.com” and it has the number 34. You go to the website to see what it’s all about, and you see this:
Moment of Kindness Data Base Image


You know where that card has been. And it wants you to join in. Please donate to support us building this data base. The world can hardly wait for us to get these cards distributed.

Give a gift of kindness here!



We are enormously pleased to be able to announce the incorporation of our new Non Profit foundation! Give a gift of kindness here! Vision To promote a positive community based forum that encourages people to do acts of kindness that lead to a strengthened culture of kindness. Mission To give and promote kindness in the […]


At the time of this writing, it’s the biggest story in the NFL: two Miami Dolphins offensive linemen, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin, are off the team. Martin left saying he’d been bullied by Incognito, and Incognito was suspended after a series of text messages surfaced, and least one of which had him dropping the […]

A few days ago, I fussed about the person behind me getting too close. The car in front of me sends coded messages with the brake lights getting on my last nerve. How dare those cars cutting out behind me in to the exit lane race ahead ten to twelve vehicles to cut back in! […]


Shanyn Silinski came to bat for the 24-Hour Bully Stake-Out, with blogs full of creative lift for bullied kids and those who love them. Here’s what was tweeted: You can choose to be gentle with yourself and let yourself heal. But that means actually acknowledging the wounding! When someone you know is charming, caring and […]


Here’s a letter we discovered at Yahoo Parenting. Brief summary of the letter: mother kicks son out of the house for professing to be gay; the grandfather then takes in the son and disowns the daughter. Gay rights advocates applaud this – or so it would seem. Not me. You won’t see me cheering. And […]


This past week I lost both of my parents. They were elderly, and frail, and they’d had great lives, and were happy together. So no regrets. The reason I’m writing today is to share some of the insights I gained from the condolences I received from friends and strangers over the last week. They reminded […]

The 24-Hour Bully Stake-Out …is a means for everyone working on the problem of bullying to share knowledge, encouragement and entertainment, and to discover new tools to carry on the cause!


by Ron Graham We have, in North America, an anti-bullying movement that consists largely of special events and personality-driven organizations and initiatives. So: what happens when the event ends, or when the personality leaves town or gets out of the business of helping kids? This is just like…